STAMFORD - ? Gov. Rell has directed the Department of Motor Vehicles to keep its satellite office in Stamford open until June 30, rather than close in April as planned.

The closure is a result of the troubled economy.

DMV spokesman Bill Seymour says that the people working in Stamford are actually employees of the Norwalk office. He added that a hiring freeze and budget reductions have forced them to close down the Stamford office.

The city says that the DMV in Stamford has not been charged rent in the past, but over the last two years they have proposed possibly charging $30,000 per year. The city now plans to change the proposal.

"Learning that requesting rent is causing such a hardship for them that they would close that office, if that's the case that has prompted us to reconsider our request for rent and we have done so," director of operations Ben Barns says.

Rell is glad she can stretch the office?s services a bit longer.

"I am pleased we can continue to provide this important public service to the citizens of Stamford for the next several months," Rell said. "The state is facing an unprecedented budget deficit in this national recession so we certainly appreciate the city's rent-free offer."

Stamford residents are concerned that their trips to the DMV will soon take more time out of their day.

"It's going to be hard for Stamford to get convenient service and Norwalk is always busy," resident Hamid Koummal says. "So, I prefer to have this office for Stamford residents."