WESTPORT - Southwestern Connecticut nurseries and gardening shops say business is blooming as more people are doing their own planting in order to save money.

The business owners say it?s not just the economy that?s turning thumbs green, it?s also inspiration from first lady Michelle Obama planting a garden at the White House.

Judy Van der Togt says the first lady?s garden got her digging.

?I think it's a nice, inspiring thing for people to do and I think everyone should get outdoors to appreciate all of the things that are around you,? Van der Togt says.

Geiger?s Garden Center Manager Stephen Gooss says his store is definitely seeing an increase in business and the weather hasn?t even warmed up yet.

?If anything, there's more interest in doing it yourself and less interest in really spending the money to have someone do it for you,? Gooss says.