BRIDGEPORT - Health officials and doctors say they don't expect a flu vaccine shortage this year, but some shots will contain more vaccine than others.

Bridgeport Hospital Chief of Infectious Disease Dr. Zane Saul says this year there are two types of flu shots, and one is stronger than the other. The one that's most commonly available right now protects against three strains of influenza that are expected to surface in the U.S. this season.

Doctors are urging everyone to get vaccinated soon, but they do suggest postponing it if you’re not feeling well. Saul says it's important that your immune system is 100 percent ready to respond to the vaccine.

A newer vaccine contains protection against a fourth strain of the flu virus. However, the company that makes the vaccine hasn't been able to produce enough with that fourth strain, so doctors are offering their limited supply to anyone who is at a high risk for flu complications.