NORWALK - As the excessive heat is expected to continue into the weekend, doctors are advising folks who exercise outside to be careful.

Bridgeport Hospital E.R. Physician Dr. Karen Della-Giustina says walking your dog or even a leisurely game of golf in this heat can take its toll on your body. 

"It's harder for us to dissipate our heat from our body to cool off if its more humid," she says.

Dr. Della-Giustina says if you want to enjoy the great outdoors in this weekend’s heat, its best to do activities in the morning or later in the evening when temperatures are typically cooler. She says children should limit their time playing outdoors and take frequent breaks.

She says the key to staying cool is to hydrate by drinking the right liquids.

"Caffeine and alcohol can worsen the heat injuries and make people more dehydrated," she says. "It's best to drink water and if people won't drink water, flavor it. Even popsicles for kids or adults."

Dr. Della Giustina recommends wearing light, loose-fitting clothing while exercising. She says watch for signs of heat-related illness which include changes in mental status, excessive sweating followed by no sweating, fatigue and muscle cramping.