NORWALK - Health officials said today that cases of flu are spreading fast in southwestern Connecticut.

State officials say that two residents have died from flu complications this season.

News 12 has learned that Fairfield County is the hardest hit area in Connecticut thus far, with over 239 reported cases of flu out of 683 statewide. Officials say to remember that the number doesn't account for people who have flu symptoms but haven't been tested.

Bridgeport Hospital's Dr. Zane Saul says he can't urge residents enough to get vaccinated against the flu. Dr. Saul says this is peak flu season and many more cases are expected through March.

At Stamford Hospital, Dr. Michael Parry warns most cases testing positive in Connecticut right now are H1N1, and he says that's a strain of flu that can be life-threatening even without other underlying illnesses.

Both doctors say they've seen an uptick in flu cases over the past couple of weeks.