STAMFORD - Recently unsealed court documents provide new details about the 25-year-old Stamford man killed on March 21 in an officer-involved shooting.

The newly released documents say that Dylan Pape's father called 911 to report his depressed son was outside their home on Wedgmere Road waving a gun.

The documents say Pape's father said his son had been drinking, stated "I have to do it," and had previously tried to kill himself.

Stamford police say they responded to the home, set up a perimeter, and tried to negotiate with Pape.

The search warrants say Pape was acting irrationally and ignoring officers' commands. The documents say officers were forced to shoot Pape because he repeatedly put them “in a dangerous position.”

A search warrant for Pape's car states that he had a New York Times article on the Sandy Hook school shooting. Its headline read, "Adam Lanza's Mental Problems Completely Untreated Before Newtown Shootings."

They also reveal Pape's realistic looking gun was a BB gun. Officers found a receipt and packaging that show he'd bought the item only a few hours earlier. 

And they found a prescription for medication used to treat depression.

The state Medical Examiner has previously ruled Pape's death a suicide by police shooting.

Pape graduated in 2008 from Stamford High School.