NORWALK - Sen. Chris Dodd now admits he changed an amendment in the economic stimulus bill that would have prevented AIG from shelling out millions in bonuses.

When he was initially asked about the amendment on Tuesday, Dodd claimed he knew nothing about it. However, the next day he said he was asked by the Treasury Department to change the bill so that pre-existing contracts would be honored. He reiterated the position during a conference call with reporters Thursday.

"I apologize," says Dodd. "But I didn't write it on my own. I was being sought out and asked to modify this."

Dodd also says he was "completely unaware" of AIG's plans to award $165 million in bonuses.

Dodd claims the legality of the entire amendment could have been challenged if the provision was not added. The senator has been the top recipient of campaign contribution from AIG employees.

Sacred Heart University political science professor Gary Rose says it may be difficult for Dodd to dig himself out of the hole he?s now in.

?You have a senator who ? has really lost touch with his constituents and, if you will, the middle class in Connecticut,? Rose says.

Many voters that spoke to News 12 Connecticut seemed to agree. While Dodd has not yet said whether he'll run again in 2010, Rob Simmons, a Republican from the 2nd District, said this week he will seek the seat.

Sen. Dodd defends story on AIG spending