NORWALK - The owners of a Norwalk pet store say a puppy is lucky to be alive after a run-in with a careless customer.

A 9-week-old Puggle puppy at Puppies of Westport was given a toy by a child who was at the store, according to the store owners. It's against the store's rules for people to give the dogs toys, the owners say, and the boy's parents had been asked to not let him give the dog any toys.

The pet store owners say the dog, named King, swallowed the toy and was rushed to a veterinarian's office. Doctors say the toy made it into King’s stomach and was almost certain to become lodged in his lower intestine, which could have been fatal.

"Both my wife and I were in hysterics because in eight years we've never lost a dog to anything that's occurred in the store," said Monty Kaufman, owner of Puppies of Westport.

Luckily for King, doctors were able to remove the toy with an endoscope without putting him through surgery.