NORWALK - A woman says a pile of poop ruined her trip to the Maritime Aquarium and now she wants the city of Norwalk to pay.

Kelly Debrocky, a New York resident, is suing for reimbursement of her admission and parking fee from the aquarium visit and a new set of shoes. Allegedly, her 1-year-old stepped in a pile of feces while leaving the aquarium's garage.

City attorney Jeffrey Spahr says Debrocky winning the lawsuit is a long shot at best.

"The city is bound to maintain the sidewalk, but we don't interpret maintaining the sidewalks as meaning we have to have taxpayer-paid pooper scooper detectives going around," he says.

Spahr also believes Debrocky will have a tough time providing evidence for the lawsuit.

"I don't know how you'd go about proving it," says Spahr. "I've never had the desire to prove how long poop has been on the sidewalk."