FAIRFIELD - The owner of a pit bull that was put down after being shot by a neighbor may face charges, police said Wednesday.

According to police, the neighbor was walking his two dogs near Prince Street and Jennings Road in Fairfield at 8 p.m. Tuesday when a pit bull ran out of its yard and attacked. The victim fired one shot at the dog, which ran off. Police say they later found the animal with a wounded leg; the pit bull was put down.

The neighbor who shot the dog was licensed to carry the weapon and acted in self-defense, according to police. Now, the pit bull's owner could face charges.

"Owning a dog comes with responsibility," says Fairfield Police Department Chief Gary MacNamara. "Part of that responsibility is making sure you have control of the dog."

Other neighbors say the pit bull was about 3 years old and that they never felt threatened by the dog.