NORWALK - The state Department of Transportation may use eminent domain to acquire property to rebuild the "Walk" railroad bridge over the Norwalk River.

The Department of Transportation says it will be several months before a list of property acquisitions is finalized. It says officials will be as compassionate as possible, but that the troubled bridge has to be replaced.

A Norwalk man says that his family's business is one of several that will likely be disrupted when the state begins work. Roman Vengerovskiy says the state has already told him to expect to relocate.

He says that his parents started the Maritime Rowing Club nearly 20 years ago when they arrived from the Soviet Union. The club rents space in a building on Goldstein Place, where it has a large training gym and garage bays full of equipment.

Vengerovskiy says moving won't be easy because the club needs access to the river.

"We recognize the importance of this project and in terms of what it's going to do for the surrounding community," he says. "But we also don't want to disappear as a club, as a business and we want to better children's lives."