BRIDGEPORT - Bridgeport police say animal control officials have removed 68 cats and dogs from a house at 169 Goddard Ave.

They say the investigation began two weeks ago when 12 cats were removed from the home. A male resident there had died of natural causes.

News 12 Connecticut spoke with family members who say many of the pets were his.

Officers say they later learned that another five dozen animals were still inside the house, and they removed them on Thursday. They say some of the animals were malnourished and were taken to a vet.

Police returned to the scene Friday and prepared the home to be boarded up.

Neighbors say the people who lived in the home had the best of intentions when they took in dogs and cats, but that the situation eventually got out of hand.

Police say another person living in the home was taken to the hospital for a physical and psychiatric evaluation. They say the State Attorney's Office has now joined their investigation.

Authorities say all of the animals are evidence, so they will not be immediately available for adoption.