BRIDGEPORT - Bridgeport police ordered extra patrols in the East End today after dozens of shots were fired last night in what police are saying was a shootout between rival gang members.

The shootout happened in the area of Connecticut Avenue and Fourth Street, leaving bullet holes on parked cars. When City Councilwoman Eneida Martinez heard the shots last night, she contacted Police Chief A.J. Perez and requested extra police presence in the area.

Police Chief Perez supplied the extra police presence and also assigned plainclothes units to patrol the area.

State Rep. Charlie Stallworth is the pastor of East End Baptist Tabernacle, and says many of his parishioners were alarmed by this incident.

"Families, young people, our senior population, someone could just be casually walking down the street and could have one's life ended," Stallworth said.

Police say there are no reports of any injuries at this time and are in the process of examining surveillance video of the shootout.