STAMFORD - A judge sentenced 38-year-old Patricia Coccomo to 12 years in prison for her role in a fatal 2005 accident that left three people dead in Stamford.

Coccomo was driving her BMW with a blood-alcohol content that was three times the legal limit when she hit an oncoming car on Long Ridge Road, leaving Jim Inverno, his wife and family friend, Glen Shelly, dead.

Coccomo had previously been sentenced in 2007, but had the conviction thrown out by an appeals court in 2009. The Connecticut Supreme Court reversed the decision and reinstated the conviction earlier this year.

The family of the victims said that it is impossible to measure whether the sentence was appropriate because you can't measure the cost of three lives.

Coccomo's lawyer, Bob Bello, said that the sentence was disappointing, but expected, and maintains his client was innocent in the crash.

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