STAMFORD - Some residents in Stamford spent Wednesday cleaning up after an apparent out-of-control driver tore through their neighborhood in the early morning. 

Police say the driver, 53-year-old Hendry Beddington, crashed into a stone wall on Kenilworth Drive and Sound Avenue. Police say he also slammed into three parked cars overnight, as well as a fire hydrant.

Beddington was charged with reckless driving and trying to flee.

Officials say they are not sure why he was driving so erratically, but say there is no indication Beddington was impaired.

"The saving grace here is that it happened at 1:30 in the morning," says Joseph Tarzia, who owns the property the stone wall was on. "I can't even imagine the tragedy we would have had here, because you've got kids that are walking this whole area to get to the bus stop."

Neighbors say they are frustrated that Stamford police are only charging Beddington with a few traffic citations.

Police tell News 12 the incident was only a series of moving violations.