WESTON - ? A Weston teen is facing charges after police say they caught him selling and growing marijuana out of his apartment.

Police say they were called to 1 Maple St. after the snowstorm Wednesday because a car was illegally parked on a residential block. Once police went up to the house to notify the owner, they say they got a whiff of something they weren't expecting.

Officers say that when 19-year-old James Morely answered the door, a strong smell of marijuana came pouring out of the house. After obtaining search warrants, police say they soon realized it was more than just recreational use.

Officers found baggies, scales and items used to grow hydroponic marijuana. Officers who responded to the scene say they were surprised about what was going on there.

?This is part of police work. You can go to a common call, in this case for parking, in a residential area. We didn't anticipate finding someone who was growing and selling,? says Weston Police Officer Matt Brodacki.

Weston police say they obtained a warrant to search the suspect's car and as the investigation continues, they expect more arrests.

Morely will be arraigned Feb. 10.