NEW HAVEN - After years of eluding police from Maryland to Connecticut, the man known as the East Coast Rapist was arrested yesterday near his home in New Haven. Aaron Thomas, 39, is currently being held on $1 million cash bond.

Police say both a tip from Virginia and DNA from a discarded cigarette butt led them to Thomas.

Thomas is accused of raping a woman in her New Haven home in 2007 while her baby slept nearby. At a press conference held Saturday morning at the New Haven Police Department, police say he's also been wanted in connection with rapes and other attacks in Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia and Rhode Island. Investigators have already linked Thomas to 12 of the cases through DNA.

In the New Haven case, Thomas is facing charges of first-degree sexual assault, first-degree burglary and risk of injury to a minor. He's been charged with two counts of rape, abduction and being a fugitive from justice in Virginia. Thomas is set to be arraigned Monday in New Haven Superior Court.

East Coast Rapist suspect arrested in Conn.