EASTON - Police are searching for whomever harvested the sculptures of an Easton artist for their copper parts last weekend.

Third-generation Polish artist Lubomir Tomaszewski says 10 of the nearly 100 sculptures that stand throughout his estate were destroyed. The thieves took off with the copper that made up the heads, arms and legs of the figures.

Tomaszewski estimates the value of the stolen copper at around $200, but places the damage to the art at around $200,000. He says the sculptures are irreplaceable.

?This was really [a] very, very big loss for me,? Tomaszewski says.

The artist adds he will no longer keep sculptures at the end of his driveway, which is near the road. Instead, he will move all the remaining figures closer to the house in hopes that this will never happen again.

Easton police say similar incidents are on the rise. Anyone with information is asked to call the Easton Police Department at 203-268-4111.