EASTON - Easton police say a family is safe Wednesday after officials responded to dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide in their home.

Police say the fire department received an activated carbon monoxide alarm from the residents on North Park Avenue Monday night. They discovered the gas was coming from the basement.

Two people from the home were taken to St. Vincent's Medical Center in Bridgeport for precautionary reasons, and were treated and released.

Officials say the fire marshal determined the source of the problem was Acetylene gas coming from a welding tank in the basement.

They say they do not know what the tank was being used for, but they recommend being cautious in these situations.

"I would make sure your house is properly ventilated if you're working with chemicals in your house and to make sure you have a proper alarm that can detect any sort of issues with high levels of CO," says Sgt. Willian Spencer, of the Easton Police Department.

Police suggest residents contact their local fire department for more information on the dangers of carbon monoxide.