NORWALK - An Easton teenager claims he was brutally hazed while trying to pledge a fraternity at Duke University.

Daniel Klufas, a former Joel Barlow student, claims he was tortured so badly he had to go to the hospital. Klufas says he also dropped out of school to seek medical attention in southwestern Connecticut as a result of his injuries.

Stephen Seeger, Klufas? attorney, says his client was pledging a fraternity at the school when things turned brutal. According to Seeger, Klufas was forced to stand naked while freezing water was thrown at him.

Seeger says after Klufas was treated at a hospital near Duke, he went to the Durham Police Department to report the incident. According to Seeger, police officers told Klufas he could be arrested for participating in the hazing incident. Seeger says he is ready to fight a North Carolina statute that makes it a crime to be involved in hazing, even if you?re a victim.

?My guy is the victim of a hazing, he didn?t haze himself,? Seeger says.

Durham police maintain they are looking into the hazing allegations.

Meanwhile, Seeger has teamed up with private investigator Vito Colucci. Colucci is planning to head to North Carolina to make sure a criminal investigation is under way.