NORWALK - The Greek community in Norwalk is paying close attention to the recent financial situation in Greece.

The International Monetary Fund says Greece missed a $1.8 billion debt payment Tuesday, becoming the first developed country to default on a loan to the lending agency. Eurozone finance chiefs refused to grant a last-minute extension of the bailout program Greece has relied on for five years, and the Greek government couldn't come up with money on its own to pay the IMF.

Greek natives in Norwalk say that they are extremely disappointed by the financial situation in Greece and how it's hurting the people there. They also say that they are worried about their family members there who are struggling.

Sophie Eleftheriades, whose family runs Belden Avenue Pizza in Norwalk, says that she came to Connecticut when she was 9 years old, but that most of her family still remains in Greece. Eleftheriades says her family is unhappy with the Greek government and unhappy with Germany. She says that she hopes for the best outcome for her people.

IMF officials say they will hold another teleconference with Greek officials tomorrow to examine proposals on a new bailout program.

AP wires contributed to this report.