NORWALK - This may sound depressing, but the down economy has led to a boom for those in the profession of psychotherapy.

?People do seem more upset than usual,? says psychotherapist Maud Purcell.

Therapists in southwestern Connecticut are currently booked solid. Purcell says she hasn?t been this busy since the tragedy of Sept. 11. According to Purcell, harsh winters are usually a season of depression ? but it?s the economic storm that hit hardest this year.

?People are coming in who?ve lost their jobs, afraid they?ll lose their jobs,? she says. ?They?re worried about the future. There?s a general sense of uncertainty.?

Purcell does have a dose of fresh air for those down in the dumps with the economy. She calls this sort of depression "situational," and says it can be turned around.

Instead of wallowing in worries, Purcell advises staying busy, keeping a sense of humor and reaching out for the help needed to get through fiscal troubles.