NORWALK - More than 200 Pepperidge Farm employees were at Calf Pasture Beach Wednesday to get it ready for the unofficial start of summer this weekend.

The employees cleaned up the beach as part of the company's fourth service day. Norwalk Mayor Dick Moccia says he is grateful for their help since the Parks and Recreation Department is operating on a tighter budget.

Moccia says despite budget cuts, the city's beaches will have the same number of lifeguards as last year.

Volunteers say the full-day project was a welcome break from working inside and allowed them to take advantage of the beautiful weather before the holiday weekend.

?We're enjoying it right now,? Travis Benzing, a package engineer, says. ?It?s nice weather and we can't ask for anything more, so it's better than a cubicle, right??

Norwalk City Hall will be open Saturday morning for residents to pick up beach stickers.