BRIDGEPORT - Workers at a Bridgeport nursing home held a protest Sunday morning, saying their paychecks are bouncing.

They said the point of the protest was to let their bosses know that they value their jobs, but must be paid on time if they're going to continue showing up for work.

Workers say over the past year, their paychecks have been chronically late. They say they have even had money taken out of their bank accounts because Bridgeport Healthcare Center and Bridgeport Manor did not have enough cash on hand to back up the paychecks they had already sent out.

The employees tell News 12 they are also having problems getting their medical bills paid, even though they pay their insurance premiums through their paychecks.

Some say the only reason they have not walked off the job is out of a sense of responsibility to the people they care for, but others say they could quit as soon as Monday.

News 12 has reached out to Bridgeport Manor for comment and is awaiting a response.