STAMFORD - Students at Stamford's University of Connecticut campus have organized an event to get classmates registered to vote and answer their questions about key issues.

Originally intended as a modest voter registration drive, the Wednesday event turned into a major political information session, featuring at least six elected officials and representatives of 10 national organizations.

Students say it's not only important that all undergraduates get registered to vote, but also that they get into the habit of studying important issues that affect the nation in order to know what is at stake.

"If we can even get a few hundred people registered here today I think it will make an impact," says student Michael Creane. "It's about getting people to exercise the one voice they have in a democracy."

Organizers of the Political Day say it's important to make sure first-time voters get a chance to learn about all their choices before they go to the polls Nov. 4, especially since they notice that many students still have important questions about the election.

Students who took part in the event enjoyed various activities, including a voter scavenger hunt that had participants answer difficult questions about the candidates.