BRIDGEPORT - Former Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim spoke with News 12 Connecticut for his first television interview in several years amid growing rumors that he plans to try and reclaim his old job.

Ganim took office in 1991 and left in 2003 after being convicted of federal corruption and bribery charges. He served seven years in prison for his crimes.

Ganim recently moved back to Bridgeport, registered to vote and in his words is "seriously considering" another run for mayor. He says he has learned his lessons and is asking for a second chance from the people of Bridgeport.

"These were serious errors of judgment for which I've apologized for and look back on and realize I would never put myself, my family or the city through that again," said Ganim.

Ganim did not say definitively that he is running for mayor, but he is meeting with neighborhood groups, going to events and keeping a close watch on city issues.