MILFORD - The former Milford police officer charged in a 2009 crash that killed two teens from Orange appeared in court today.

Lawyers for Jason Anderson argued to move the trial of the former Milford police officer to another part of the state, stating that their client can't get a fair trial because of all the media coverage of the accident.

Police say Anderson's cruiser was going 94 mph on Boston Post Road when it crashed into a car carrying 19-year-old David Servin and Ashlie Krakowski, also 19.

Sources say that prosecutors don't want the jurors to hear about Krakowski's blood alcohol level, the fact that Servin had what appeared to be marijuana in his pocket and that neither teen was wearing a seat belt.

Prosecutors say the evidence they are looking to exclude isn't relevant to the case and simply serves as bad character information.

The judge in the case did not make any decisions and hearings will continue on Thursday. Jury selection in the case is scheduled to start early next month.

Former officer wants trial moved out of Milford