BROOKFIELD - (AP) - A former Redding highway superintendenthas been charged with embezzlement after already being accusedseparately of taking money for work he never did.

The News Times of Danbury reports thatBruce Sanford is accused of ordering highway department employeesto work on an antique truck he was restoring and using town moneyto maintain a lawn tractor he owned.

Sanford was previously accused of billing a New York City womanabout $4,300 for tree-cutting and other maintenance work at herRedding home that he allegedly never did.

Sanford has pleaded not guilty to those charges. His lawyeraccuses police of omitting information from the arrest warrantapplication that would have cast doubt on the allegations.

His lawyer was not available to comment on the most recentcharges.

Sanford is due in court Dec. 8.