STRATFORD - A former Stratford high school mathematics teacher was charged Tuesday with trying to bribe a witness in a complaint against him.

Police say a complaint filed in February against 46-year-old Gregg Gustafson alleged inappropriate conduct with students. According to the arrest warrant, the alleged incident happened during a meeting at a student's house. After a brief introduction, police say the student's mother left to go grocery shopping, leaving Gustafson alone with her two sons and her son's friend.

Gustafson allegedly went into the basement with the children and they started wrestling. Police say two of the boys eventually left the house, and that's when they say Gustafson become rough with the third child.

The boy allegedly told police that Gustafson slammed him to the ground, pulled on his underwear until it ripped and tied his hands, only letting him go when the boy's mother returned home.

Police say the boy recorded videos of himself with his ripped underwear. They add that Gustafson offered him money to delete the video and not tell anyone what allegedly transpired.

Gustafson was charged with tampering with a witness, criminal attempt at bribery of a witness and tampering with or fabricating evidence. He was released on $25,000 bond and is due in court next week.

Stratford High School officials say Gustafson was immediately suspended after the complaint was filed and resigned from his position in March.