NEW CANAAN - A bear is on the loose in a New Canaan neighborhood, but animal officials believe he is just passing through.

The black bear was spotted Tuesday morning near Oenoke Lane and Seminary Street, causing a stir among residents. Animal control officials arrived to find the bear hanging out in a tree close to the center of town.

Resident Emily Nissley says she has had many animal visitors in her backyard, but never a bear. Some residents worry whether the bear is OK.

Animal control officials are monitoring the bear's movements and say they had anticipated that the bear, which was spotted in other areas, would make its way to New Canaan.

Animal control officials believe that the young bear is probably a "rogue male" whose mother "evicted" him from her territory.

Officials don't believe that the bear plans to stay, and they hope that he will go back into the woods soon. In the meantime, residents are urged to remove bird feeders, secure their trash and keep their pets inside.