FAIRFIELD - Fairfield Animal Control says it has received multiple reports of coyote attacks in residential areas.

Police say two dogs were attacked right across the street from one another on Little Brook Road.

A shih tzu managed to escape with the help of its owner after it was attacked by two coyotes last week. Cosmo's owner says she was lucky to scare the coyotes out of her backyard in time to save the dog's life.

Fairfield police are telling pet owners to leash their pets even in closed areas.

As the weather gets colder, police expect more coyote sightings, as this is the time they start gathering their food in preparation for the winter.

Gina Gambino, of Fairfield Animal Control, tells News 12 Connecticut that coyotes are also starting to travel in packs.

Police say anyone who comes into contact with a coyote should not turn their back on the animal. They say the best move is to make yourself look big by extending your arms and then trying to make loud noises to scare it away.