BRIDGEPORT - In an unmarked industrial building in Bridgeport, a Fairfield couple is using low-cost LED lights to grow food.

Steven and Nancy Domyan are researching the new hydroponic method in partnership with the Department of Agriculture and the University of Connecticut.

MetroCrops uses LED lights, which use only a fraction of the electricity used by traditional hydroponic lamps. A computerized climate control system serves to optimize energy use and growing conditions.

The Domyans say that they've learned the controls allow them to create more nutritious plants in an urban environment than those grown outside in a field.

The couple is now transforming MetroCrops from a research project into an agricultural business. Since the cost of electricity in Bridgeport is higher than most other cities in Connecticut, the Domyans say, their business model should translate well to other areas.

MetroCrops sells its produce each week at farmers markets in New Canaan, Milford, and Trumbull.