FAIRFIELD - Fairfield police say they recovered a stolen statue Monday.

Daesy, the cow, was found at Sturges Park, just over a mile away from where it disappeared.

Sources told News 12 that a Ludlow High School student spotted the cow, solving the mystery.

The statue was stolen from outside of Sunny Daes Ice Cream Friday, leaving both staff and customers disappointed.

Police say the 400-pound statue was taken from the shop on the Post Road sometime after 11 p.m.

Some believe that the statue may have been stolen as a Halloween prank because it was taken on what some refer to as Mischief Night.

Daesy isn't the only famous cow in southwestern Connecticut. There are others outside the Sunny Daes stores in Westport and Stamford.

It was the second occurrence of a cow statue theft for the Fairfield location. The original Daesy was found smashed on the train tracks eight years ago.

The owners tell News 12 that they plan on keeping Daesy locked up every night from now on.

Store owners say it would have cost them $1,500 to replace Daesy.