FAIRFIELD - A judge has ruled the man responsible for taking 27 people hostage at Fairfield University in 2002 no longer needs regular psychiatric reviews.

Former Fairfield student Patrick Arbelo, now 31, claimed to have a bomb on him when he took a class of college students and one professor hostage. Arbelo was taken into custody after an 8-hour standoff. No one was harmed in the situation.

A judge ruled Friday that Arbelo no longer poses a danger to himself or others. Arbelo is, however, still being treated for several mental conditions.

Andrea Vavasour, one of the hostages, says Arbelo was a sick man who she hopes has gotten help.

?I think he was somebody who was having troubles in his own life and didn't know how to handle them,? she says.

The state's attorney says he will not appeal the judge's ruling.