FAIRFIELD - A Fairfield man was trapped inside his garage when it went up in flames Saturday.

The fire started around noon. Robert Kearfott, the homeowner, was using a small torch inside the garage on Trefoil Avenue when the fire started. He believes a heater ignited the gas that was leaking out of his torch. According to Kearfott, he had trouble finding his way out of the garage due to the thick smoke.

At one point during the blaze, some ammunition caught fire and started to go off. Firefighters say they could hear bullets exploding inside when they pulled up to the house. The area was blocked off because there were bullets and guns that could have caused larger problems if the fire got any larger than it did.

Neighbors were worried the fire would carry over to their houses, but they credit firefighters with putting it out quickly.

Officials say Kearfott didn?t break any laws by having ammo in his garage. The fire marshal is looking into the exact cause of the fire, but officials are calling it an accident.

Nobody was hurt in the fire.