FAIRFIELD - Police officials on Monday further discussed the department's investigation into the death of a 4-month-old boy from Shelton at an unlicensed day care in Fairfield.

Police confirmed this weekend that Adam Seagull died in March while in the care of Carol Cordillo at an unlicensed day care being run out of a home on Edgewood Road in Fairfield for about 11 years.

The initial 911 call in March for an unresponsive infant is what alerted police to the center. Cordillo allegedly told investigators that she could not wake Seagull from his nap.

Authorities originally believed the death to be the result of SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome, but determined it to be a homicide after the medical examiner found that the boy died of a lethal dose of Benadryl.

Chief Gary MacNamara says that it's too early to say what charges could be filed, but police are looking at the manner of death as well as how an unlicensed operation occurred in Fairfield. He also reminds parents to do their research on any potential child care facilities and make sure those places are licensed.