FAIRFIELD - Fairfield fire officials say the death of a man who prompted a hazmat situation Monday night was a suicide.

Police say Alan Banks, 69, was found dead at around 6 p.m. in his Clinton Street home after he drank potassium cyanide.

Officials say they went to check him, but he was already dead by the time firefighters got inside. Banks left a sign warning there were hazardous materials in the home.

Investigators believe Banks most likely took his life on Friday, even though he wasn't discovered until Monday.

Officials say the contamination was contained to a small area of the house. It took them seven hours to decontaminate the home.

Two police officers and two firefighters were taken to the hospital because they had been exposed to the chemicals. They have all been released.

Investigators say Banks had no local family, no children and hadn't worked in years. His wife passed away a few years ago.