FAIRFIELD - It was finally beach weather on Wednesday, and the town of Fairfield says it is preparing for several thousand beachgoers on Memorial Day. 

"Here in Fairfield, we've got six beaches, so we're expecting a good, healthy crowd at all six," said Katherine Doenges, Fairfield waterfront director. 

Officials in Fairfield are asking people to avoid at least one spot this summer. It's a construction area at Penfield Pavilion in Fairfield Beach. 

Beach officials are asking people to maybe pick another beach, like Jennings Beach, this summer. They say the pavilion will be closed, and parking is going to be limited. Doenges said there will be portable bathrooms but there will be no concession stand.

Crews are raising the pavilion up off the ground after the damage incurred by Hurricane Sandy a couple of years ago.

Some Connecticut residents were at Jennings Beach on Wednesday for an early start to the extended weekend. 

"Today is really nice," Rachel Proffitt, a Sacred Heart University student, said while at Jennings Beach on Wednesday. 

Officials say that until mid-June, lifeguards will only be at the beaches on weekends from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. After that time, lifeguards will be at the beaches every day.