FAIRFIELD - Suppliers of winter-storm equipment in southwestern Connecticut say business is booming as residents prepare for an expected barrage of snow Friday.

At Goodyear Auto Service Center in Fairfield, employees say people are rushing to buy snow tires. Harry Adams, the lead technician at the Kings Highway Cutoff center, says people are looking for tires that can quickly stop on snow and ice.

"We have two tire machines, two balancers constantly running," he says. "Four guys back there right now just constantly changing over snow tires."

Other stores are seeing increased sales of ice scrapers, shovels and ice melt. Hemlock Hardware store manager Scott Pesavento says he's just as busy but expects a frantic Friday.

"Usually when a snowstorm comes, you do get some people the day before, but the majority of our business will be done tomorrow during the day," he says.