FAIRFIELD - A part-time school bus driver in Fairfield has lost his clearance to work for the public school district after an apparent prank he pulled on students.

Police say the driver showed poor judgment but never actually put the students in danger. They have not filed any charges.

But Austen Mouning, 27, is at risk of losing his job with a third-party bus company.

Police say Mouning joked about falling asleep at the wheel, and all of the students on his bus laughed except for one. 

The one girl apparently perceived the joke as a real concern and called her mother.

Police say they have no reports that Mouning ever drove recklessly or created any hazard, and have ruled out endangerment. At most, he acted immaturely, according to investigators.

But Fairfield school officials say they've removed him from their list of approved drivers.

Mouning's father, Donnie, says his son is waiting for a decision from the third-party bus company regarding his future employment.

The employer, First Student Bus Company, has not responded to a News 12 request for comment.