FAIRFIELD - Fairfield University officials reported Thursday two of their students have probable cases of swine flu.

The female students live on campus, do not room together, but do share one class. Neither has traveled to Mexico, where it is believed that the virus killed 168 people. University officials say the students appear to have a mild case of swine flu and are doing well.

The Connecticut Department of Public Health issued the probable diagnosis of swine flu because the tests turned up an unrecognizable flu type. The school is awaiting test results from the Centers for Disease Control.

On Monday, the students went to health services, where it was learned both shared the same symptoms, including, fever, headache and malaise. Further testing showed that the virus was not a typical seasonal flu.

Campus officials say that they have no plans to close down the campus.

"I'm sure that these cases are cause for concern," University President Father Jeffrey Von Arx says. "We are doing all we can to make student and staff health our first priority and to prevent further exposure."

The director of the campus health center says seven other students have tested positive for the flu since Monday. Those samples have also been sent to the state, but if the state can?t make a determination, they will be sent to the CDC.