BRIDGEPORT - Police are warning Bridgeport residents after receiving two calls about scammers posing as utility workers this past weekend.

Police say men with United Illuminating badges knocked on doors on Fairview Avenue and Summit Street and told homeowners there was a gas line break in the area.

On one occasion, police say a homeowner let a man into his basement while another searched the rest of the home with his wife. Police believe the two men were scared off when they saw the couple's son's police uniform hanging up. In the second incident, police say the homeowner wouldn't let the fake utility worker into her home.

Police encourage residents to ask for ID if a utility worker comes to their door. If they have a badge or say they work for UI, police say to call UI and ask if there are workers in the area.

The suspects didn't take anything from the two homes, but police say they seem to be targeting the elderly.