GREENWICH - Sunday’s storm destroyed a traveling classroom in Greenwich called the Storymobile.

It was parked in the lot outside the Greenwich Baptist Church when a tree fell on top of it.

The bus was part of the nonprofit Greenwich Alliance for Education. It was used to house props to bring stories to life.

Organizers say it traveled around to local schools and preschools. The people on board read to about 300 children a month. The Storymobile had been on the road since 2007.

Members of the Greenwich Alliance for Education say the Storymobile was a creative space where a child's imagination could run wild as they brought books to life.

"They would have stories, do rhymes and songs and it was a really wonderful program. The children enjoyed it so much," says Sharon Kalinski, of Greenwich Christian Preschool.

The organization says they have insurance, but are not sure what the future of the Storymobile will be. The say this incident will not end their mission to get children to read.

"It’s disappointing, it's sad. That's all I can say, but we know the years it was on the road it brought a lot of happiness to a lot of children," says Julie Faryniarz, of Greenwich Alliance for Education.

News 12 is told the fallen tree also damaged a number of cars in the parking lot as Sunday service was going on when it came down.

The Greenwich Alliance for Education says the Storymobile was staffed by volunteers and they run on donations.