DARIEN - Police in Darien say they will begin charging home and business owners $100 for every false burglar alarm.

Darien police say they respond to more than 2,000 burglar alarm calls and 99 percent of them are false. In an effort to reduce that number, police officials will now hold business and home owners responsible.

Homeowner Hugh Scallon says about seven months ago his burglar alarm caused police to rush to his home.

"We had somebody come over to the house. We were out of state and it went off, so I know exactly what they're looking at," says Scallon.

Darien police Capt. Fred Komm says that two patrolmen are pulled off the street to investigate every false burglar alarm.

"It's basically a waste of resources, a waste of man power,? Komm says.

On Monday, a Representative Town Meeting in Darien voted 63 to 0 to approve an ordinance levying fines against people whose burglar alarm calls turn out to be false.

Scallon says he doesn't like it, but understands why.

?It sounds like that kind of fee [is] a little steep, but I can see why they're doing it,? he says.