BRIDGEPORT - Friday marked one year since flames tore through a multifamily home in Bridgeport, displacing 21 people, and some of those residents say their lives have never returned to normal.

The fire broke out at 511 Berkshire Ave. The building was gutted by the fire, forcing its residents to seek residences elsewhere.

James Bembury says he and his family lived on the second floor of the building, and have not had a permanent place to live. 

Bembury, who is a chef, says virtually all landlords require one month's rent and a large security deposit up front, but he has never been able to get that much cash together at once.

After losing everything they owned in the fire, Bembury says he and his family have been sub-letting here and there, on a month-to-month basis, resulting in a chaotic year.

The building in which Bembury and his family are currently living was destroyed by an earlier fire and later rebuilt.

Bembury says he is grateful nobody was hurt in the fire. He tells News 12 that he will continue trying to get help from local social service agencies, but has so far not been successful.