WESTPORT - More than 1,500 people gathered at Sherwood Island Park in Westport Saturday for the fourth week of the Great Park Pursuit.

The program is part of the Department of Environmental Protection's (DEP) No Child Left Inside initiative. Its goal is to get children of all ages outside during the summer to utilize the recreational resources and outdoor activities available in Connecticut's state parks.

"It gets kids out and reconnected with nature in a really fun way," says Gina McCarthy, DEP commissioner. "It teaches them about the world they live in. Hopefully we're growing the next generation of environmental stewards, but also we're showing people again the beauty of Connecticut."

This week's activities were centered on water, giving the kids an opportunity to learn about such concepts as water quality forensics and get a deeper understanding of water molecules.

Michele Feeney-Wallace has attended several events with her son. She says she relishes the opportunity to get outside and find something active to do.

"It's something to do," she says. "I'm tired of having nothing to do. I'm tired of my son playing video games."

The Great Park Pursuit continues until June 21.

No Child Left Inside