BRIDGEPORT - A Bridgeport couple whose daughter suffers from muscular dystrophy is facing problems trying to get her medical care.

The family of 7-year-old Cintia Balog tells News 12 Connecticut that she arrived in the United States from Hungary in 2012, but because of her immigration status, she is not able to get the health care that she needs.

Her family says she developed muscular dystrophy when she was 1 1/2 years old.

They say she is receiving limited health care from Yale-New Haven Hospital under a free program, but there are still huge gaps in her medical care.

The family's attorney, Alex Meyerovich, says Cintia cannot get medical insurance because she does not have a green card. He says Cintia has only been able to receive medical assistance when she has required emergency care. "If she contracts a common cold, her lungs get filled with fluid and she is not able to breathe," he explains.

Cintia's family says she needs a breathing machine and an oxygen tank, but they can't afford to buy them. They say there is also basic equipment she needs like body and leg braces just to keep her condition from getting worse.

Meyerovich says he may apply for asylum for Cintia, which could help her get humanitarian relief through immigration channels.

The Greenwich-based nonprofit Needs Clearing House says it will help the child with some of her medical expenses.