NORWALK - Friends and family of a Norwalk man who has been imprisoned in Russia, gathered at a candlelight vigil Saturday night to call for his safe return.

Peter Wilcox, captain of Arctic Sunrise, was working in the Arctic for environmental group, Greenpeace, when the entire crew was captured by Russian authorities.

Wilcox's family says he and his crew were wrongfully arrested about a month ago for taking part in a peaceful protest against oil drilling in the Arctic.

"Peter's been with Greenpeace his whole adult life, and it's just such an extreme reaction, and we're just gathering here to draw attention to the fact that we want him home," said his sister-in-law, Barbara Smyth.

News 12 has learned that the charges against Wilcox and his crew have been reduced, but they still face jail time. His family urges that people write letters to Congress and ask for help in his release.