GREENWICH - The parents of a 15-year-old who killed himself after years of bullying have filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the town of Greenwich and the Board of Education.

Bart Palosz committed suicide in August 2013 after the first day of his sophomore year at Greenwich High School.

The suit, filed Wednesday, claims that local officials knew about the bullying and failed to follow mandatory anti-bullying policies that would have protected Bart.

The lawsuit says that Bart was subjected to constant bullying throughout his years at Western Middle School and into his first year at Greenwich High School. It also includes a document from Bart's middle school counselors informing Greenwich High School administrators, teachers and staff that he was bullied regularly and needed social work.

The lawsuit also says that was the first time his older sister, who'd graduated the previous June, wasn't at Greenwich High School to protect him.

The document lists specific instances saying he was picked on, had his shoelaces tied together and even needed stitches after he was hit in the head with a locker.

The lawsuit says that despite school officials knowing about his difficulties, no action was taken.

The Paolsz family issued a statement, saying: "We feel this lawsuit is important so that other students in Greenwich don't suffer the same kind of treatment that Bart did. It is our hope that this lawsuit will result in changes to how the Greenwich school system responds to students in needs of help so that there will be no more needless deaths."

Greenwich school officials tell News 12 that they would not comment on pending litigation.

The attorney for the town of Greenwich, John Wayne Fox, says that he usually does not comment on lawsuits, but said the town has a great deal of sympathy for the family over this tragedy.

He added, "There are always multiple factors - as there are here - that contributed to the death of a young man."