BRIDGEPORT - Twenty-five years after opening Sapiao's Grocery in Bridgeport, the Salgado family is coming to terms with the realization that they will be closing its doors for good.

There is still plenty of merchandise on the shelves, and that is why the family of 57-year-old Jose Salgado has decided to keep the store open for one more week. They originally planned to close it on Saturday.

Salgado was shot to death last month during a robbery.

Salgado's brother is grateful police have arrested two suspects in the murder, and says it will be easier to heal.

"Every time I came here I get emotional. I always came to see my brother and now it's just a couple of walls," he said.

The family is asking that people buy the last of the store's merchandise over the next week if not out of need, then as a tribute to Salgado. They say that the community has been a huge help during this difficult time.